Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy National Hot Dog Day 2015! Here’s Where to Celebrate

Happy National Hot Dog Day! 

BBQ Slaw Dog from Elwood's Shack.

Here are a few places in Memphis that have hot dogs (and holiday-appropriate hot dog specials):

– Hog and Hominy has an incredible beef and cheddar dog on both their lunch and dinner menus. 

– Bardog Tavern has a daily hot dog special. You can find out what it is by following them on Twitter

Corn dog from Chiwawa

Chiwawa has several gourmet hot dogs and a corn dog.

Oshi Burger has six different gourmet all-beef hot dogs, chicken sausage, and lamb sausage with crazy toppings.

– There's also Memphis Dawgs, a hot dog cart that's usually parked on Poplar Pike just east of Massey for lunch. Hopefully, he'll be out today – he usually puts his whereabouts on Facebook

– You can celebrate with a corn dog or sausage dog from Carnival Food Drive Thru and then wash it down with a funnel cake and some lemonade.

– Lunchbox Eats has the Principal's Office Link, which is a hot sausage topped with fried eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and sauce, wrapped in a grilled cheese sandwich. Just think about that for a second.

– Elwood's Shack on Summer Avenue has the best hot dog I've had probably in my life. The BBQ Slaw Dog is an all-beef hot dog topped with slightly spicy slaw made of purple cabbage, jalapeños, and blue cheese. Yes. Blue cheese.

– Blues City Hot Dogs on Highland has ten hot dogs on their menu (including a veggie dog) with every kind of topping from shrimp to cheesy grits to the "Elvis Dog" – bacon wrapped and served in pancake with syrup. 

Farm2Cart sausage cart is at Court Square today for lunch. You can follow them on Twitter to find out where they are on a daily basis.

Where are you celebrating? Know of any other hot dog specials? Add them in the comments.

I Love Memphis via from Memphis SMB Media

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