Sunday, March 22, 2015

These Photos Prove Exactly How Much Real Estate Photos Matter

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If you’ve ever looked for a house or apartment online, you’re probably aware that many real estate photos are really awful.

And whether you’re trying to find a place or you’re listing a place, the experience is usually super discouraging.

But professional interiors photographer Harry Lim has been posting photos on his blog to show that better photography makes all the difference.

He recently posted photos of a house he re-photographed for the real estate listings…and it sold in eight days after being on the market for eight months.

Lim tells BuzzFeed Life that an experienced interior photographer can find the best angles and lighting for your space.

“It’s not so much the camera but knowing how to use it,” he says. “I understand what settings to use. I understand how light works and balance ambient light with supplemental flash to get a good exposure. And I understand basic composition for interiors, the cardinal rule being: keep your verticals vertical!”

He also tries to show how every room relates to the ones around it. “Does the bedroom have a private bathroom? Does the kitchen lead to a patio? Where is the dining area in relation to the kitchen?” he says.

Not sold on using a professional real estate photographer yet? Check out some more of Lim’s photos…

See the photos here:

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